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Sonoma County Dispute Resolution Options

Settling Divorce Issues for Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Cloverdale Residents

Whether you feel like you and your spouse could calmly negotiate terms of your divorce or believe that things will not be settled without the help of a judge, our law firm can help. We at the Family Law Offices of Carol A. Gorenberg offer various dispute resolution options. While some couples cannot agree on anything during their divorce proceedings, other couples may dispute only minor issues.

With the help of the highly-trained, experienced Santa Rosa family law attorney at our office, couples can either calmly negotiate their divorce details without ever having to go to court or hire our family attorney to protect their rights in court. We understand that divorce can impact many aspects of a person’s life, and at the Family Law Offices of Carol Gorenberg, our staff strives to help every couple separate as amicably as possible. Our firm can also assist clients on a one-time basis with various family law-related issues.

We offer the following dispute resolution options:

  • Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) Options: If your spouse is refusing to negotiate with you outside of court, litigation is your only option. We can represent clients both in and out of the courtroom. Clients who need us to protect their rights in court can hire our Santa Rosa family lawyer, as well as those who require mediation or collaborative law assistance.
  • Mix & Match / A La Carte: Need an attorney for one hearing? Want to consult with a lawyer prior to taking any legal action? Our family attorney can assist individuals throughout their entire family law issue or only for certain events, such as hearings. We can also help clients draft responses to other parties’ motions and review agreements clients drafted to ensure it protects their rights.

Our number one goal is to successfully resolve our clients’ issues, which is why we offer a variety of dispute resolution options. If you would like to learn how our firm can help, contact our office at (707) 523-1810.