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Santa Rosa Child Custody & Visitation Attorney

Divorce is not only complicated for parents, but children, as well. While many parents believe that they should do what is best for the child, couples may not agree on what they feel is in their children’s best interest. California courts encourage parents to reach an agreement prior to taking a case to court so drastic modifications do not have to be made at a later date.

Having issues with child custody or visitation in Sonoma County?

If you believe that you and your spouse can reach an agreement regarding child custody and visitation, but may need some assistance during the negotiation process, the Santa Rosa divorce attorney at the Family Law Offices of Carol A. Gorenberg can help. We offer mediation and collaborative law services, which can help parents to calmly reach a child custody and visitation agreement. Our firm also offers various other resources to help parents negotiate a custody and visitation settlement, including:

  • Litigate if Necessary
  • Evaluate Child Custody
  • Establish Restraining Orders
  • Recommend Parenting Education Classes
  • Co-Parent Counseling Services

If a couple cannot agree on a child custody and visitation agreement, we are prepared to represent our client in court. To learn more, contact the Family Law Offices of Carol A. Gorenberg at (707) 523-1810.