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Unmarried Parenting / Pre-Natal Consulting

Santa Rosa Unmarried Parenting Assistance

If you and your child’s other parent never married one another, you may have questions regarding custody, child support, and other issues related to your involvement with the child. The Family Law Offices of Carol A. Gorenberg can help both mothers and fathers in non-marital families to determine their parental rights.

We can also help clients work with their child’s other parent to:

  • Peacefully Reach Agreements
  • Establish Parenting Plans
  • Communicate About Their Child’s Needs

We strive to protect our clients and children from potentially traumatizing end results, such as temporarily or permanently losing custody. Please contact us to receive unmarried parenting/pre-natal consulting.

Unmarried Parents’ Rights in Sonoma County, CA

Women considering becoming pregnant, who are currently pregnant, or have a child by a man they are not married to have important legal obligations they must follow. The man who fathered the child will have the ability to claim custody of the child and both parents may be ordered to pay child support. Men who have a child by a woman they are not married to have a right to maintain a father-child relationship, which includes:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Financial Support

It is imperative that men are aware that their actions during pregnancy can impact their rights after the child is born. If you are confused about your rights as an unwed mother or father, please contact our office.

Pre-Natal Consulting for Sonoma County Residents

Unwed mothers who wish to put their child up for adoption must obtain the father’s consent. Not obtaining the father’s consent can negatively affect the father, child, and adoptive parents. It is ideal that a couple seeks our family law attorney’s assistance prior to making any drastic decisions regarding their child.

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