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Mix & Match / A La Carte Legal Services

Hire Our Santa Rosa Family Lawyer for Specific Legal Issues/Events

Individuals may hire the Santa Rosa family law attorney from the Family Law Offices of Carol A. Gorenberg if they do not need help with their entire legal proceeding or cannot afford to hire an attorney for their entire case. We offer mix & match / a la carte legal services, including:

  • Single hearing courtroom representation
  • Drafting a reply to another party’s legal motion
  • Reviewing a document an individual has created to ensure their rights are protected and they are aware of the legal effects of said document they created

We understand that not everyone can afford or needs an attorney during their entire case, which is why our firm offers individual legal services. Regardless of why a client requires our assistance, our firm will do its best to ensure that they receive a favorable outcome. Our Santa Rosa family lawyer has more than 15 years of experience and has helped dozens of individuals overcome their family law-related troubles. We are compassionate and always care about our clients’ wellbeing, no matter how long they need our help.

Please contact our office at (707) 523-1810 to schedule an appointment.